The Nihon Sumo Kyokai announced the names of the rikishi who will be promoted to the Juryo Division for the upcoming Aki Basho. At Tokyo's Kokugikan in September there will be two new sekitori, while another two rikishi will return to the sumo's second division.

As expected, Seiro (pictured) and Irodori will come back to the salaried ranks, while Asagyokusei (former Tamaki) will make his first appearance as new sekitori, just like Kaisho (4-3, Ms4w), who will be making his Juryo debut after a surprising promotion.

Besides, the rikishi who called it quit are:
Aminishiki (Isegahama beya) - former Sekiwake, now Ajigawa Oyakata
Hao (Shikihide beya)
Okinoiwa (Hakkaku beya)
Kotourasaki (Sadogatake beya)
Denpoya (Isegahama beya)
Suto (Tatsunami beya)