Nagoya Basho 2017
Day 15
Y1eHakuho14 - 1
M8eAoiyama13 - 2
M5wTochiozan12 - 3
Y1wHarumafuji11 - 4
M6wOnosho10 - 5
M10eChiyotairyu10 - 5
M10wShohozan10 - 5
O2eTakayasu9 - 6
S1wMitakeumi9 - 6
K1eYoshikaze9 - 6
M2eTochinoshin9 - 6
M13eTakarafuji9 - 6
M15wChiyomaru9 - 6
M2wHokutofuji8 - 7
M11eChiyonokuni8 - 7
M12eArawashi8 - 7
M12wTakekaze8 - 7
M14eSadanoumi8 - 7
M15eNishikigi8 - 7
O1wGoeido7 - 8
S1eTamawashi7 - 8
K1wKotoshogiku7 - 8
M4eUra7 - 8
M6eIchinojo7 - 8
M8wIshiura7 - 8
M11wDaishomaru7 - 8
M7eTakanoiwa6 - 9
M13wSokokurai6 - 9
M1eShodai5 - 10
M1wTakakeisho5 - 10
M4wKagayaki5 - 10
M5eChiyoshoma5 - 10
M7wDaieisho5 - 10
M9wOkinoumi5 - 10
M3eIkioi4 - 11
M9eTokushoryu4 - 11
M14wKotoyuki4 - 11
M16eGagamaru3 - 12
Y2eKisenosato2 - 4
Y2wKakuryu2 - 2
M3wEndo2 - 3
O1eTerunofuji1 - 5
Daily Results

Yusho & Sansho  

Makuuchi:Y1e Hakuho
14-1 (39)
Juryo:J8e Daiamami
Makushita:Ms11e Yago
Sandanme:Sd11e Fukugoriki
Jonidan:Jd10e Enho
Jonokuchi:Jk25e Tomokaze

Shukunsho:S1w Mitakeumi

Kantosho:M8e Aoiyama


Hatsu Day 9: Kisenosato handed 1st loss as Hakuho slumps to 2nd straight defeat


Ozeki Kisenosato surrendered his lead at the top of the New Year Grand Sumo Tournament, but Mongolian yokozuna Hakuho also fell for his second straight defeat on Monday, the tourney's ninth day.

Ozeki Kotoshogiku (3-6), who will be demoted from the second-highest rank should he post a losing record at Ryogoku Kokugikan, forced Kisenosato out to his first loss after a solid charge and trademark grapple, in which he batters his opponents with his torso.

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But Hakuho missed the chance to move back into a share of the lead as he went down to Takayasu (6-3), failing to deal with the lunge from the komusubi before he was chased around the ring and pushed out.

No. 10 Takanoiwa is now tied with Kisenosato at the top after he secured his eighth victory and a winning record with a defeat of No. 7 Aoiyama (4-5). The Bulgarian thrust the Mongolian to the edge, but lost his balance and was slapped down to the floor.

No. 2 Ikioi is one of five wrestlers at 7-2 after he completed the day of major shocks with a win over yokozuna Kakuryu, pushing out the Mongolian in an emphatic outing.

Sokokurai (7-2), from China's Inner Mongolia, could also have moved into a tie for the lead but lost in a surprisingly tame bout, Mongolian No. 13 Ichinojo (7-2) overwhelming the No. 10 maegashira in a force-out win.

No. 8 maegashira Hokutofuji is the other wrestler with a 7-2 mark after he pushed out No. 4 maegashira and fan-favorite Endo (4-5).

Mongolian No. 2 maegashira Arawashi followed up his win against Hakuho a day earlier with another scalp off his high-ranked compatriot, flooring ozeki Terunofuji (4-5) with a right overarm throw for his third win of the tourney.

Ozeki Goeido earned his sixth win after he wrapped up No. 3 Okinoumi (2-7) and wheeled him out.