Nagoya Basho 2017
Day 15
Y1eHakuho14 - 1
M8eAoiyama13 - 2
M5wTochiozan12 - 3
Y1wHarumafuji11 - 4
M6wOnosho10 - 5
M10eChiyotairyu10 - 5
M10wShohozan10 - 5
O2eTakayasu9 - 6
S1wMitakeumi9 - 6
K1eYoshikaze9 - 6
M2eTochinoshin9 - 6
M13eTakarafuji9 - 6
M15wChiyomaru9 - 6
M2wHokutofuji8 - 7
M11eChiyonokuni8 - 7
M12eArawashi8 - 7
M12wTakekaze8 - 7
M14eSadanoumi8 - 7
M15eNishikigi8 - 7
O1wGoeido7 - 8
S1eTamawashi7 - 8
K1wKotoshogiku7 - 8
M4eUra7 - 8
M6eIchinojo7 - 8
M8wIshiura7 - 8
M11wDaishomaru7 - 8
M7eTakanoiwa6 - 9
M13wSokokurai6 - 9
M1eShodai5 - 10
M1wTakakeisho5 - 10
M4wKagayaki5 - 10
M5eChiyoshoma5 - 10
M7wDaieisho5 - 10
M9wOkinoumi5 - 10
M3eIkioi4 - 11
M9eTokushoryu4 - 11
M14wKotoyuki4 - 11
M16eGagamaru3 - 12
Y2eKisenosato2 - 4
Y2wKakuryu2 - 2
M3wEndo2 - 3
O1eTerunofuji1 - 5
Daily Results

Yusho & Sansho  

Makuuchi:Y1e Hakuho
14-1 (39)
Juryo:J8e Daiamami
Makushita:Ms11e Yago
Sandanme:Sd11e Fukugoriki
Jonidan:Jd10e Enho
Jonokuchi:Jk25e Tomokaze

Shukunsho:S1w Mitakeumi

Kantosho:M8e Aoiyama


Goeido injures ankle, 3rd to pull out of Spring tourney


Ozeki Goeido, winner of last year's Autumn tourney with a perfect record, became the third wrestler Friday to withdraw from the ongoing Spring Grand Sumo Tournament through injury, after a damaged ankle forced him out of action.

After winning on the opening day, Goeido, who pulled out citing ligament damage to his right ankle, suffered four straight losses and looked visibly hurt after his bout against top-ranked maegashira Takekaze at Edion Arena Osaka on Thursday.

Goeido becomes the latest makuuchi division casualty in the 15-day meet following Mongolian yokozuna Hakuho, who pulled out after four days due to toe and thigh injuries, and eighth-ranked Brazilian maegashira Kaisei, who missed the first five days because of a knee injury.

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According to his stablemaster Sakaigawa, Goeido has no intention of returning to compete in his hometown tournament, meaning the 30-year-old will be starting the summer tournament in May in a "kadoban" situation facing possible demotion.

"It's too bad but his foot isn't in good shape," said Sakaigawa.

"Obviously it has to do with his lack of preparation too, and I'm sure he's upset. I apologize that things turned out the way they did," he said.

It is the sixth time in his career that Goeido has withdrawn from a tournament, and second straight since he pulled out of the New Year basho in January with an 8-4 record.

Goeido's injury will reportedly require five weeks of medical treatment. He forfeits his scheduled bout against sekiwake Tamawashi on Friday.