Nagoya Basho 2017
Day 15
Y1eHakuho14 - 1
M8eAoiyama13 - 2
M5wTochiozan12 - 3
Y1wHarumafuji11 - 4
M6wOnosho10 - 5
M10eChiyotairyu10 - 5
M10wShohozan10 - 5
O2eTakayasu9 - 6
S1wMitakeumi9 - 6
K1eYoshikaze9 - 6
M2eTochinoshin9 - 6
M13eTakarafuji9 - 6
M15wChiyomaru9 - 6
M2wHokutofuji8 - 7
M11eChiyonokuni8 - 7
M12eArawashi8 - 7
M12wTakekaze8 - 7
M14eSadanoumi8 - 7
M15eNishikigi8 - 7
O1wGoeido7 - 8
S1eTamawashi7 - 8
K1wKotoshogiku7 - 8
M4eUra7 - 8
M6eIchinojo7 - 8
M8wIshiura7 - 8
M11wDaishomaru7 - 8
M7eTakanoiwa6 - 9
M13wSokokurai6 - 9
M1eShodai5 - 10
M1wTakakeisho5 - 10
M4wKagayaki5 - 10
M5eChiyoshoma5 - 10
M7wDaieisho5 - 10
M9wOkinoumi5 - 10
M3eIkioi4 - 11
M9eTokushoryu4 - 11
M14wKotoyuki4 - 11
M16eGagamaru3 - 12
Y2eKisenosato2 - 4
Y2wKakuryu2 - 2
M3wEndo2 - 3
O1eTerunofuji1 - 5
Daily Results

Yusho & Sansho  

Makuuchi:Y1e Hakuho
14-1 (39)
Juryo:J8e Daiamami
Makushita:Ms11e Yago
Sandanme:Sd11e Fukugoriki
Jonidan:Jd10e Enho
Jonokuchi:Jk25e Tomokaze

Shukunsho:S1w Mitakeumi

Kantosho:M8e Aoiyama


Haru Day 13: Harumafuji hands Kisenosato 1st defeat at Spring tourney


Yokozuna Harumafuji sent Kisenosato tumbling down the ring to his first defeat as yokozuna -- and might have left him with an injury -- on Friday, the 13th day of the Spring Grand Sumo Tournament, where ozeki Terunofuji now shares the lead also with one defeat.

Harumafuji (10-3) left Kisenosato reeling with a strong low charge and the Mongolian didn't let his opponent maneuver his way out, crushing the debutant yokozuna out and off the ring in the day's last bout.

Kisenosato, who had notched up 12 consecutive wins, hit the ground with his left half of the body and had a difficult time getting up, looking obviously in pain around his left shoulder area, as packed spectators watched on worryingly at Edion Arena Osaka.

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Harumafuji's win gave a title boost to his countryman Terunofuji, who earlier outlasted yokozuna Kakuryu by using his big frame to his full advantage.

Kakuryu was on the front foot briefly and grabbed a double-handed underarm belt hold, limiting Terunofuji to loose overarm grips in the process. But Terunofuji did not budge and gradually forced his smaller counterpart toward the edge before hoisting and sending the yokozuna over the straw bales.

Takayasu is virtually out of the title race now after suffering his third straight defeat.

Kisenosato's Tagonoura stablemate forced fourth-ranked maegashira Yoshikaze (8-5) on the back foot with strong thrusts to the throat, but the sekiwake never seemed comfortable with his diminutive opponent and was ousted on a swift counter.

No. 10 maegashira Tochiozan (10-3) also dropped out of the race with his second defeat in as many days after he was shoved out of the ring by fifth-ranked Endo (7-6).

Sekiwake Kotoshogiku's immediate return to ozeki is still on after he pushed out komusubi Shodai (4-9) for his eighth win. Kotoshogiku, who dropped to sekiwake after two consecutive losing records, can return to ozeki if he wins his two remaining bouts to secure 10 wins.