Ozeki Takakeisho brushed aside sekiwake Mitakeumi to retain sole lead at the November Grand Sumo Tournament on Saturday, setting up a head-to-head title decider on the final day with komusubi Terunofuji.

Takakeisho (13-1), chasing his second Emperor's Cup, did not give Mitakeumi (6-8) any room for an upset, reeling off his trademark low charges to bounce the sekiwake off the raised ring and hand him a losing record.

Mongolian Terunofuji kept his pursuit of a third title alive on Day 14 by outclassing No. 17 maegashira Shimanoumi. Both held 11-2 record heading into the day. With one hand on Shimanoumi's belt, Terunofuji kept his feet moving before securing a grip with his other hand and ushering the lowest-ranked wrestler in the top division over the straw bales.

Terunofuji will face Takakeisho in the final bout on Sunday and will trigger a winner-take-all playoff between the two if he wins.

New sekiwake Takanosho (8-6) secured a winning record after overpowering in-form Takarafuji (9-5), using his right arm to fend off the No. 6 maegashira's attack from the left before bulldozing him over the straw bales.

Komusubi Takayasu (7-7) will have one more stab at a winning record in his sanyaku comeback tournament after getting pushed down by rising No. 5 Kotoshoho (8-6), who secured his all-important eighth victory. Former ozeki Takayasu tried to fight from his back foot against the rank-and-filer but lost his balance in a lackluster display.

No. 16 Akua (8-6) secured a winning record in his top division debut after slapping down No. 9 Kotoeko (6-8), who started the meet with four straight wins but fell to a losing record after his fourth consecutive defeat on Saturday.

Tokyo Basho: Day 14 Makuuchi Results