Joint overnight leaders Daieisho and Shodai stayed at the front of the pack at the New Year Grand Sumo Tournament after each claimed their 10th win. Ozeki Asanoyama was unable to keep pace with the leaders, dropping two wins back with a loss to sekiwake Terunofuji.

Following an underwhelming win the previous day against No. 5 Okinoumi, Shodai (10-2) was in control from the outset against Ryuden (4-8), handing him a losing record via a quick force out.

In the day's final bout, current and former ozeki met chest to chest before Terunofuji (8-4) secured a winning record by wrenching Asanoyama off balance and dragging him over the straw. The win was Terunofuji's fourth straight against Asanoyama (8-4) since July, when he won the Emperor's Cup in his makuuchi division comeback tournament.

In a frenetic battle that saw the momentum shift back and forth, Daieisho (10-2) narrowly avoided getting shoved out before thrusting down Meisei (8-4) while backpedaling on top of the straw.

No. 12 Ichinojo (8-4) earned his all-important eighth win by slapping down No. 3 Onosho (7-5). The towering Mongolian has posted three straight winning records since making his return to the top division following a run of injuries.

No. 15 Kotonowaka also clinched a winning record at 8-4 after forcing out No. 8 Kiribayama (6-6).

Kotonowaka's Sadogatake stablemate, No. 3 Kotoshoho, finally broke an 11-match losing streak to start the tournament by pushing down No. 8 Tokushoryu (2-10) at the edge.

Sekiwake Takanosho improved to 7-5 with a win over No. 5 Endo (5-7), withstanding an early flurry from the maegashira before twisting him off balance and pushing him out.

Komusubi Takayasu remained one victory away from a winning record at 7-5. The former ozeki was forced out by No. 5 Okinoumi (7-5), while the other komusubi, Mitakeumi, advanced to 7-5 by toppling No. 4 Tamawashi (5-7).

Hatsu Basho: Day 12 Makuuchi Results