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Less than three years after knee injuries threatened to end his career, sekiwake Terunofuji capped his incredible comeback, winning the Spring Grand Sumo Tournament for his third-career title and earning re-promotion to the elite ozeki rank.

In the first clash between the two since Takakeisho defeated Terunofuji in November's championship playoff, the sekiwake tried to grab his opponent by the arm from the jump and swing him out. Unfortunately, he missed and found himself pressed back to the straw.

But Takakeisho, whose specialty is pushing and shoving, failed to get that job done. Terunofuji fought his way back from the brink, and survived an effort by Takakeisho to pull him down by the arm before savagely thrusting him out.

Bulgarian No. 12 Aoiyama improved to 11-4 by handing komusubi Takayasu (10-5) his third straight loss in another battle of championship hopefuls. After an inconclusive charge, Takayasu and Aoiyama each tried to slap the other down. Takayasu tried first with one hand around the Bulgarian's neck and failed. Aoiyama, however, got both hands behind his opponent's head and brought him down. Even though Terunofuji's win eliminated Aoiyama's slim shot at a championship, the Bulgarian received his fourth Fighting Spirit Prize.

In the tournament's final bout, Asanoyama (10-5) threw fellow ozeki Shodai, who suffered his eighth loss, and will need a minimum of eight wins at the next tourney in May to remain at the sport's second-highest rank.

Fighting together in the makuuchi division for the first time, siblings No. 15 Hidenoumi and his younger brother, No. 8 Tobizaru, each won their 10th bout.

No. 2 Wakatakakage (10-5) shoved out the dangerous No. 2 Hokutofuji (9-6) to finish off a tournament in which he twice beat ozeki opponents and earned his first career special prize, the Technique Prize.

No. 3 Meisei (10-5) forced out No. 14 Tsurugisho (10-5) to earn a Fighting Spirit Prize.

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