Grand champion Hakuho continued his injury comeback in winning fashion Tuesday at the Nagoya Grand Sumo Tournament, overpowering former sekiwake Daieisho to improve to a perfect 3-0.

The 36-year-old great anticipated his opponent's thrusting attack and, after delivering a powerful face slap, sent him tumbling with a perfectly executed beltless arm throw in the final bout of Day 3 at Dolphins Arena.

Ozeki Terunofuji, who is gunning for promotion to yokozuna, stayed perfect at 3-0 with a clever two-handed arm twist down against former sekiwake Takanosho (0-3). The maegashira was strong off the mark and drove Terunofuji onto the back foot, but after the pair came to a stalemate at arm's length, the big Mongolian patiently waited for an opening to twist his opponent to the clay.

Fellow ozeki Shodai (2-1) suffered his first loss, against No. 1 Endo (1-2), who quickly ended their bout with a hand pull down. 

Sekiwake Takayasu (1-0-2) earned his first win of the tournament by forcing out Ichinojo (2-1). The former ozeki, who sat out his first two bouts due to back pain, weathered a barrage of slaps from his giant Mongolian opponent before driving him over the straw.

Sekiwake Mitakeumi (2-1) handed No. 3 Hokutofuji (2-1) his first loss, powering his way back from the edge and forcing the former komusubi out.

New komusubi Wakatakakage (1-2) earned his first win while wrestling from the three "sanyaku" ranks below yokozuna, by pulling down No. 3 Tobizaru (1-2).

Nagoya Basho: Day 3 Makuuchi Results