The Japan Sumo Association has announced the names of the wrestlers that will be promoted to Juryo from Makushita. For the upcoming Kyushu Basho in November, there will be two new sekitori, Asanowaka (former Terasawa) and Hiradoumi, while Kotokuzan will be back to the salaried ranks.

Kotokuzan made his debut in July as new sekitori but eleven losses marked his quick demotion back to Makushita. Four wins this tournament were all he needed to go back up, indicating that the 3-rank fall may have been a bit soft.

Asanowaka is the new shikona for Terasawa, who had been competing under his family name until this promotion. Asanowaka seems to have requested the shikona from current Takasago coach Wakamatsu, as back during his fighting days Wakamatsu never had any kyujo, or absences, throughout his career. If that name change helps him stay healthy, succeed, and remain in the paid ranks for at least a few more tournaments, he may well become heyagashira in 2022 as his former senpai, Asanoyama, tumbles into Makushita.

Hiradoumi also joins Asanowaka in Juryo. At 21 years old, he is still trying to establish himself. This was his fifth consecutive kachi-koshi record, making a rather determined slog through the grist mill at the top of the third division.

Besides Hakuho's retirement, that will be officially accepted by Kyokai on Thursday, these are the rikishi who called it quit:

Makushita: Ayanoumi, Genki
Sandanme: Ryuko, Sagatsukasa, Tosaeizan
Jonidan: Kaibusho, Koyokogyoku, Aishoryu, Azumahikari
Jonokuchi: Shuneikai, Sadanoryu, Shonanzakura
Banzuke-gai: Sano